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We dive deep into the themes of love, money, career, family, friends and more: Click the link: vimeo. A channel dedicated t.. Slowing Down Video- ru-clip. Love and best.. To purchase my Psychic Crystal Readings for your sign for May: vimeo. Love and best wishes, U.. Cancer Tarot Reading Lynda is performing a psychic tarot card predictive reading.

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This is a condensed general predictive reading. Please take with you what resonates with you, if it doesn't resonate, it is ment for another. Learn the meaning t.. A channel dedicated to br.. Love and best wishes,.. Love and best wishes, Ur.. For personal readings please send an email: Yourpsychictarotreader gmail. Feel free to leave any questions you may have regarding this reading, topic or any other topic, and I'll try to answer them. Love and best wis..

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July Reading!! To book a reading you can contact me at: Email: teresa teresasreadings. But Their Brilliant Careers is much more than satire. Their Brilliant Careers is a sparkling, intelligent and fun riposte to the manufacturing of history.

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Philip Salom - Finalist. Philip Salom is a poet and novelist originally from Western Australia.

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He was awarded the Christopher Brennan award for "poetry of sustained quality and distinction. Big is a hefty cross-dresser and Little is little. Both are long used to the routines of boarding house life in the inner suburbs of Melbourne, but Little, with the prospect of an inheritance, is beginning to indulge in the great Australian dream, which has Big worried. A handy man, he meets Jasmin an academic who races in her ideas as much as in her runners. Her head is set on publishing books on semiotics and her heart is turned towards her stalled personal life.

All four are waiting, for something if not someone. All four are waiting, in Godot-like pauses and with greater or lesser awareness, for some thing or someone to change their lives. Salom interweaves their tales, with walk-ons by an eclectic cast of eccentrics, to dissect the vulnerabilities of the human condition loneliness, fear of intimacy, powerlessness, guilt , the power of the past to haunt us, the fear of the future to mire us, and the redemptive effects of love and acceptance. Waiting is poignant, compassionate and droll; it is never maudlin nor idealised.

As rollicking as it is original and affecting, Waiting is a highly readable addition to Australian literature. He lives in Melbourne with his partner where he works as a palliative care nurse. If you could help someone in pain, would you? Evan is a nurse, a suicide assistant.

His job is legal. He's the one at the hospital who hands out the last drink to those who ask for it. Evan's friends don't know what he does during the day.

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His mother, Viv, doesn't know what he's up to at night. And his supervisor suspects there may be trouble ahead. As he helps one patient after another die, Evan pushes against legality, his own morality and the best intentions of those closest to him, discovering that his own path will be neither quick nor painless. He knows what he has to do. In this powerful novel, award-winning author Steven Amsterdam challenges readers to face the most taboo and heartbreaking of dilemmas.

Would you help someone end their life? Josephine Rowe was born in in Rockhampton, and grew up in Melbourne.


She is the author of two short story collections and a novel, A Loving, Faithful Animal. She currently lives in Tasmania. Her sister, Lani, seeks to escape the claustrophobia of small-town life, while their mother, Evelyn, takes refuge in a more vibrant past. A Loving, Faithful Animal is an incandescent portrait of one family searching for what may yet be redeemable from the ruins of war.

Inga Simpson began her career as a professional writer for government before gaining a PhD in creative writing. Inga's third novel, the acclaimed Where the Trees Were , was published in Inga won the final Eric Rolls Prize for her nature writing and recently completed a second PhD, exploring the history of Australian nature writers. Inga's memoir about her love of Australian nature and life with trees, Understory , will be published in June We gathered around the bigger tree. No one asked Matty - he just reached up and put his right hand on the trunk with ours.

Kieran cleared his throat. To protect each other - and this place. But their attempt to protect the grove ends in disaster, and that one day on the river changes their lives forever. Seventeen years later, Jay finally has her chance to make amends. But at what cost? Not every wrong can be put right, but sometimes looking the other way is no longer an option. Kirsten Tranter grew up in Sydney and studied at the University of Sydney. She now lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. Her second novel, A Common Loss , was released in and her third novel, Hold , in A haunting, hypnotic and enticing novel of grief and desire, by one of Australia's finest, most assured novelists.

Three years ago, Shelley's lover, Conrad, died in a surfing accident. Now, still in a state of subdued grief, Shelley has just moved into an old Victorian terrace in Paddington with David, her new partner, trying for a new beginning. At home one morning, Shelley discovers a door to a small intriguing room, which is not on the plans. There is a window, a fireplace and a beautiful chandelier.

But nothing else. When Shelley meets a man who seems to be Conrad's uncanny double, the mysterious room begins to dominate her world, becoming a focus for her secret fantasies and fears, offering an escape which also threatens to become a trap. A waking dream of a novel, HOLD is spellbinding, sensual and unsettling. His debut novel Black Rock White City was launched to critical acclaim in Alec lives in bayside Melbourne and is a St Kilda bookseller.

For Jovan the mysterious words that must be cleaned away dislodge the poetry of the past. He and his wife Suzana were forced to flee Sarajevo and the death of their children.

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Traumatised by the carnage and personal tragedies of war-torn Yugoslavia, Jovan and Suzana wash up in mids Melbourne where, a former poet and an academic, they find themselves limited by language and cultural stereotype into roles as cleaners. Her story 'Home Visit' won The Age short story competition. Peggy is also a member of the critically acclaimed and award-winning Melbourne band Art of Fighting. Her latest novel is Hope Farm. They were inescapable, the tensions of the adult world — the fraught and febrile aura that surrounded Ishtar and those in her orbit, that whined and creaked like a wire pulled too tight.

It is the winter of Hope Farm sticks out of the ragged landscape like a decaying tooth, its weatherboard walls sagging into the undergrowth. Silver's mother, Ishtar, has fallen for the charismatic Miller, and the three of them have moved to the rural hippie commune to make a new start. At Hope, Silver finds unexpected friendship and, at last, a place to call home. But it is also here that, at just thirteen, she is thrust into an unrelenting adult world — and the walls begin to come tumbling down, with deadly consequences.

Hope Farm is the masterful second novel from award-winning author Peggy Frew, and is a devastatingly beautiful story about the broken bonds of childhood, and the enduring cost of holding back the truth. Silver is thirteen when her mother, Ishtar, falls under the spell of the blazing larger-than-life Miller and follows him to a communal farm in Gippsland. Ishtar has led an alternative life since she was forced out of home, pregnant, ignorant and seventeen. Silver has learnt not attach to herself to anyone or anything, as her experience of being constantly uprooted as Ishtar drifts from relationship to relationship has taught her wariness.

She is at an age where adults still control her life, but where she is starting to question their motives. It is at Hope Farm that Silver makes her first true friend, Ian, who has secrets and resources of his own. It is also where she meets Dan, who is young, confident and quietly efficient, and his dreams and goals awaken an echoing need in Silver for escape. This finely crafted novel presents two distinct voices, and as Silver recounts the events at the commune, the reader is also aware of the unfolding story of Ishtar as told through her semi-literate diary notes.

Hope Farm is a quietly powerful and haunting novel, full of the aching intensity of the outcast, rendered in pitch-perfect tone and heartbreakingly believable. She lives by a creek in Melbourne with her human and non-human family. Joe lives-despite himself.