Horoscope analysis of shahrukh khan

Naturally malefic planet Saturn is transiting over his natal Mars and Ketu since last two-and-a-half years. This planetary position is not very conducive for good times. It could be having a detrimental impact on Shah Rukh Khan's success, Ganesha feels so. It could be the reason for the problems which he is facing in his career, the reason why Shah Rukh Khan has not been able to do so well in some of his recent movies.

Astro Analysis Of Shahrukh Khan Horoscope, AstroSharmistha

It is the astrological factor why some of his latest movies like Fan , Dear Zindagi and Raees could not meet the expectations of the audience. These planetary positions will stay there for some more time. The present period also indicates average success as the same planetary situation is continuing. Thus his upcoming movie Jab Harry Met Sejal is likely to give average results. It is likely to do well but not that well. Shah Rukh Khan will try his level best to meet the expectations of his fans club. Thus, Shah Rukh Khan's movie may go average but his individual performance will live up to the expectations of his audience.

It will give him a sense of personal satisfaction and contentment. Although the situation now is better than in his previous movies, on the whole, it's neither a very good scenario nor a bad scenario for Shah Rukh Khan in the context of his new movie Jab Harry Met Sejal. On the other hand, Jupiter's transit over natal Sun represents good situation for Shah Rukh Khan's other occupations or businesses.

Astrology & Horoscope Analysis of Shah Rukh Khan (2018)

He will be able to do well in his other engagements, that is in areas other than films. He will be doing his work there with a lot of focus and concentration. His vision will be clear and he will make strong efforts towards it using his sharp intellect. All this is going to pay results and it will boost his performance in these areas.

In other words, Shah Rukh Khan will be in a position to expand his wealth and interests in areas other than movies. He should make the best use of this time if planets are to be trusted. Such times when the planets are in a favourable position do not happen very frequently. Stars say Shah Rukh will do good in other businesses. Do you want to improve your business? His moon is in 6th house aspecting 12th house of imagination and no wonder he is highly imaginative and RA-1 was result of his imagination.

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He started his Jupiter mahadasha in and his Bollywood career started flying. SRK is 2nd richest actor in the world right now and his estimated net worth is said to be million dollars 4 thousand crores INR and his chart is filled with great wealth yogas. Along with that, his Laabh Mandook hora is very strong and with Jupiter mahadasha from he increased his wealth day by day.

So in his chart you can clearly see 4th lord is Mars and is sitting in own house same time Saturn is in Kendra to Mars in his own zodiac in 7th house, mars is being aspected by Saturn here. SRK have a long history of health problems and went through many surgeries in past. His spine, knees, and shoulder had troubled him many times in past. He is a chain smoker too. In his chart his ascendant lord is debilitated and same time 6th injury, health, healing lord Saturn is in 7th house aspecting ascendant and this made his bone structure weak.

In future too there will be many health problems to him and since Saturn is transiting to his 4th house he might get some setbacks in health when Saturn will turn retrograde in Currently, he is in Saturn-Venus till and those who have read Laghu Parashari might know the uniqueness of Saturn-Venus period. I can write more and more on his Horoscope but due to limited time, only crux is given here. And I can do the same for you which can help you to realize your full potential with your life report and plan better for the future.

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Hello all! For more information about me, you can check the Author page where I have given a lot of information about myself. Good Luck!! This period is going to rule till 24th Feb Since his 10th lord Venus is nicely aspected by great benefic Jupiter, he got great success in movie industry. The same aspect made him so popular as romantic hero. This period is going to remain very vital for his film career as Venus, the significator of arts and creativity being the Lord of the 10th House of Karma, is placed in the 5th House of performance.

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Shahrukh will re-kindle old working relationships by taking on projects with such co-actors and directors. Venus the lord of Taurus is all set to make him a great artist. This period is going to rule till 24th February Own sign Saturn and Rahu in Taurus indicates that he may face some health issues. Communications and negotiations will click for Shah Rukh Khan and bring in new opportunities. Very fortunately his Saturn is placed on 7th house on its own sign.

Besides benefic Jupiter is aspecting Saturn and he could move up further during Shani Maha Dasa also.