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It is important that you really want to take care of your health. One must learn to be seasoned more extensively and effectively in life. The Tarot Temperance card can also talk about long-term projects and the fact that you have acquired the clarity of what is important to you. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this card is that you understand that every step of your life is there to allow you to learn and take advantage immediately of what you are learning.

Speaks of serenity and calm and accomplished reflection. It can also speak of adaptation, sociability, communication.

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All this is to find the balance necessary for your well — being. It will then move towards a quiet evolution and assimilate progress in calm.

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Temperance is also a card of protection and appeasement. The image that represents Temperance on its card is that of an angel, a spiritual entity that is halfway between God and men.

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It is holding a cup in each hand and it passes the water within them, from one to another without spilling a drop. The symbology of this action indicates to us that after the Death card , Temperance is number fourteen, the person has been reborn and has new hopes, so you should take stock of their various feelings.

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That is what the movement of water between the two glasses reflects, the control of our emotions, which are represented by water. We control them so much that we do not spill anything. The appearance of the angel is ambiguous, it could be a man or a woman, which also serves to represent the balance of opposites. In tarot for February, Temperance is a positive card that allows you to transform negative cards. With it, we will feel divine protection much more strongly during this month, the presence of the guardian angel.

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Interestingly, sometimes such a function will be exercised by ourselves, by finally controlling our overindulgences and insecurities. With regard to health, it represents a beneficial card that indicates that we are going to be cured if we are sick. It also serves as a recommendation at other times to moderate both our eating and drinking if we want to lead a healthy life.

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